Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Amanda Palmer

Read her BLOG here

I discovered her through the Dresden Dolls, her other musical project. She is so quirky and strange and proud. i just love her energy and raw sense of stage presence. I would love to see her live. Her shows seem energetic and interactive. Her first solo project is entitled Who Kill Amanda Palmer? It's clever and witty. Her lyrics are brave and unabashed. She sings about abortion, one night stands, sex and unrequited love. There are interesting dynamics on her record.

Favourites include:
Runs In The Family

I remember when I bought her record and the excitement I felt before hearing her music.
I was curious. I needed to know who she was.
Her first song Astronaut, literally and figuratively blew me away.
I sat there in my room in awe, with utter interest and fascination.
Who was this woman with the strong, imperfect, loud yet grand and beautiful voice?
She was brave, In her music I could hear her take chances. She sang about things I would blush at the mention of.
She was brave and I loved this.
I sat there with my jaw somewhat unhinged while her record played through.
It was an experience. Her novel like songs were uninhibited and I found a liking to her unabashed way of expression. I've read that she shows her enthusiasm and energy in her performance. This, is true.

If you are interested in seeing a live broadcast of her show you can watch her entire concert here.


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