Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Crying Lights of Antony

When I feel particularly emotional, Antony Hegarty can pull on my heart strings. His voice is lavish, rich and unwavering. Imagine yourself standing in a room full of empty chairs. This music is playing and suddenly it doesn't matter that no one is there.

When I try to describe his sound, I can't seem to place it in a specific genre. It doesn't sound indie, rock or pop.
Perhaps soul? His voice sounds like a chorus full of ambience and body. Movement in body, soul and emotion.
He is one of those artists that makes music that appears and sound flawless.

I admire his bravery to redefine the gender roles and blur the lines of commonality.

In his lyrics we find a reoccurring image, a theme that revolves around searching for something beyond sorrow. There is a positivity that emerges in situations of sadness and conflict.

These lyrics especially:
"Epilepsy is dancing
She’s the Christ now departing
And I’m finding my rhythm
As I twist in the snow"
"Cut me in quadrants
Leave me in the corner
Oh now it’s passing
Oh now I’m dancing"

I happened across his music a few years back and immediately thought:
Passionate, Sincere and Raw.

His lateset Record is entitle
The Crying Light.


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