Monday, December 7, 2009

Bone Chaos in the Castle

Kaki King

Think of a pretty girl, with an intimidating guitar. Add about 7 different pedals and a microphone.
Kaki King (Katherine Elizabeth King) a guitar player and singer-songwriter from Atlanta Georgia. She has an uncanny ability to make music in the subtle slaps and bars of the guitar. Her music is contrary to her small 5,2' stature, her music is grand, melodic and a mesh of sounds. Her instrumentals include lap steel, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, ad melodica.

Kaki King - Pull Me Out Alive
This video was shot from thousands of pictures taken mere milliseconds from another. I love the concept and think it is especially entertaining to watch and dissect.
Watch for guest appearances from Sara Quin and Hesta Prynn

Kaki King - They Loved It In Italy (LIVE)
If you wanted proof that she plays live just as well as she does on record, this live version is impressive

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