Sunday, December 6, 2009

Music For Men (And Women)


Who doesn't love someone who exudes a confidence that could almost make you envy?
Beth Ditto.

Ditto's voice is soulful, with a hint of rebellion. That woman can sing! As a frontwoman she demands attention and for us to listen. She does this with Brace Paine the guitarist, and Hannah Billie, the drummer. Together they form a band that has drawn in audiences who all share one thing in common. A desire to rebel with melodic, androgynous, meaningful music.

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The Gossip - Heavy Cross
First single off of Music For Men. Great song. Great performance.

The Gossip - Listen Up!
I love this video... I'm not sure why, maybe it's because it looks like something that could be replicated in our own home. It's simple, meaningless and entirely nonsensical. Love it.

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