Thursday, December 17, 2009

From Russia With Love

Regina Spektor.

The first song I heard from this musical genius was Infidelity. It quickly became a song I had to learn by heart. One of those songs that make everything inside of you tingle. Like the type of sensation I imagine you would feel if you were pressed closely to someone that you loved.
Like a warm comfortable jacket that is worn tight, snug and relaxed.

Regina's voice is a mix of Russian annunciations and a peaking New York twist. Her uncanny talent for quirky lyrics and piano pieces is obvious in her songs.
They range from such topics as lovelorn lust, unfaithful tendencies and losing wallets.
She is a musical prodigy. I think her music revolve around themes everyone can relate to. No matter the situations.

She is quirky and eclectic. Definitely different and all the more captivating. Both in appearance and song.
She played in Vancouver November 2nd at the Orpheum Theatre. Jupiter One opened for them.
I attended with friends and was pleasantly surprised with EVERYTHING that she did. Be it little gestures of appreciation, gracious "thank you's" between songs, or playing the piano/singing/drumming on a chair/stamping her foot ALL IN TIME and together.

A word to describe her. Modest.
She was surprisingly coy. Her songs were beautifully played. In the encore, she opened with a silencing rendition of Samsom.
This was a moment where chills were sure to peak up your spine, arms and body.
I was shaken to my core. Her voice is fragile, yet strong.

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