Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cancerous Bats

I have a 1GB iPod Shuffle, 2nd Generation.
This allows me to hold just under 200 songs. I lied, at the moment I currently have 168 songs on rotation on my years old shuffle. This upsets me because I can't have all the music I'd like on it at once.
So I pick and choose songs and artists.
I update it daily and make sure the songs of the moment are there and available.
I had taken the Cancer Bats off my iPod to have space for Be Your Own Pet.
But I found that I missed Liam Cormier's vox and music anecdotes.

The Cancer Bats - Pneumonia Hawk

Amazing, loud, and fresh. It's perfect on a long bus ride home. It keeps you awake and alive.
Cancer Bats are also great for long walks to a destined place.
I had an extra jump in my steps when climbing stairs; I take it two or three at a time.
I find this band gives me energy... a lot more than I should have.
Given my strenuous daily intake of climbing a flight of stairs in my house.

They are curently recording their 3rd album.
Expect a new record in the New Year. 2010 will be an exciting one.

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