Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saturday Well Spent

If only they were still together, on indefinite hiatus.

Listen to the EXPERIENCE.

Electrelane - Saturday

Electrelane are one of my favourite bands. I first came across their myspace and immediately was stunned to silence. Their voices together with clashing instrumentals create a sort of epiphanic sound.
This British band makes the type of music that can be compared to that if "epiphany's" had a soundtrack.
Saturday by Electrelane would be on that soundtrack, followed by their entire tracklist.
To be honest, I don't know much about this band, other than that they are from Brighton, UK and they are now on an indefinite hiatus.

I feel lucky to have found them. Musically they fill the hole that I had developed from listening to songs revolving around the same issues of love, loss and lust.

In Electrelane's 2007 release, No Shouts, No Calls there are songs that deal with loss of a loved one. Death.
In a way, I never expected to find such beauty in a song dealing with a loss of a grandparent. I have never experienced this loss. So I thought that my emotions I felt during this song were somewhat odd.
I found though, quickly that songs whose nature discusses a loss I have not experienced doesn't mean I am immune to the types of emotions the lyrics may spark.

These lyrics from Saturday tear my heart open.

I've got a photo from a long time ago
Hold it in your pocket
I've got a ring that my grandmother gave to me
Wear it on your finger
I've got a letter that's full of our secrets
The last one you sent to me
What shall I do with a life turned to memory ?
I tried to forget you

Where shall I go when I wake from a dream of you ?
I tried to forget you

I still see you
I turn in my sleep and I see you beside me
It's your imagination
I go to the places we went to together
Find another countries
I turn in my sleep and I see you beside me
It's your imagination

I want to go on but it's another day without you
I tried to forget you
I still see you...

I tried to pick and choose my favourite lyrics. The ones that hit me, in the gut. The one's that leave me thinking about my own humanity. The ones that make me realize, that sometimes I miss people. That in fact I miss People all time.

This song for me visits on the lingering feeling of a sudden loss. Of anything really. You reminisce, you treasure, you collect things that remind you of a person, an object, or a time in your life.

This resonates with me because I am a hoarder.
I am a hoarder of memories years past.
This song makes me realize my faults, my qualms, and my humanity of wanting to remember.
Remember something greater than myself.


These women here Verity Susman, Emma Gaze, Mia Clarke and Ros Murray make up the genius minds of Electrelane.

They seem somewhat angelic, don't you think?

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