Monday, December 28, 2009

Béatrice Martin - Pirate Heart

I already posted a video of this musician from Montreal, Quebec.
But I couldn't help but want to tell you a little bit about her.

Performing under the stage name of Coeur de Pirate (Pirate Heart) this 20 year old classically trained pianist began writing her own music only a few years ago.
She left her other band Bonjour Brumaire to pursue her own musical career.
I haven't been able to stop listening to her music for the past weeks.
The one thing about Coeur de Pirate that I found to be so intriguing is that her songs not only are in french, but that they have the ability to mark whatever emotion the songs may evoke.
My french is not the best and I catch myself hearing key words I recognize from my grade 12 vocabulary.

Her decision to sing in french can be compared to fellow Quebec band Malajube. It does not keep her from success whatsoever.
Her songs have reached enough recognition that even Perez took notice and mentioned her in his blog.

She has reached acclaimed recognition in Quebec and France with her self titled debut record. With her Regina Spektor/Cyndi Lauper like voice and piano melodies she has created a unique sound not many can replicate.
The Francophone Music Charts have her on constant rotation. Us, Westcoasters have been completely oblivious the the Francophone Music Charts, I make it my New Years Resolution to pay attention to East Coast music and pop culture.
First on the list:
- Learn French (or attempt to, just enough so I can sing along to Coeur de Pirate and Malajube)
- Become an Eastcoaster at heart (This just means listening to their radio stations and reading their newspapers... online)

I find myself wanting to see her live. I went on her MYSPACE PAGE to see if she is touring the West Coast or not.
To my surprise and upmost delight. SHE'LL BE HERE ON FEBRUARY 20TH! She will be playing at the Yaletown Stage for Livecity Vancouver. This is an Olympic Event, and although I told myself it would be hell traveling downtown during those two weeks of February. This is an exception I'll make.

Beatrice Martin -> Coeur de Pirate
Check out her TUMBLR
Watch her 'clip official' for Comme Des Enfants

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