Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cherry Tree in Straps

I recently discovered The National's 2004 EP entitled "Cherry Tree". It immediately became an honourable favourite. In the post before I mentioned how Matt Berninger's voice is like a bass line foundation. Did I mention that when I listen to him, I have to withdraw my breath, in case I miss the wonderful depth and soothing sounds of his voice? I do.
I sometimes make an effort to walk a little lighter, breathe a little less. Move more subtly, even speak more softly. His voice can do that.

When I feel particularly melancholy, but want to exude a light-hearted and somewhat mellow calm, I listen to:
Cherry Trees' "loose lips, sink ships..." on repeat.
All Dolled-up In Straps' "Now, love, where have you been?Where have you been?".
This on repeat and suddenly things are a little brighter.

Listen Here or Here

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