Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DId I Mention These Yet?

These are honorable mentions. These artists all produced great music that was dynamic, daring and interesting. I also obsessed over their music to great lengths.
-> envision me singing at the top of my lungs... before I had learned lyrics.

Coeur de Pirate - Coeur de Pirate
My current favourite at the moment, Coeur de Pirate is so different her flowing melodies fit perfectly with her emotionally driven lyrics. Her songs make me smile, and I don’t need to understand what she’s singing about. I think I can guess.
Simply Amazing.
I can’t elaborate too much as I’ve just begun listening to her. I’m sure stories of song associations will form, I’m sure.

Peaches - I Feel Cream
I’ve been called a prude, and I remember the conversation I was having. This person was describing me based on his first impressions of me. The word ‘prude’ came up. I don’t remember the other adjectives. I only remember this one.
This is why Peaches has a special place on my iTunes, my iPod, and my heart. Obviously her songs deal with sentiments of the physical heart and everything to do with propriety and traditions.
I feel brave when I listen to her music. I feel very ‘un-prude-like’ and I love the idea of improper actions when listening to Peaches.
I take public transit and often listen to Peaches. While sitting next someone who seems very proper I wonder if they are aware that I’m listening to lyrics about masturbation and sex. I turn the volume up, in hopes that they might hear. Eager to see their reaction.

Matt & Kim - Grand
They seem to exude SO much happiness in their songs, on stage, in interviews. They seem to be people who live in the moment. They live in the now and seize every moment that they have, and are ecstatically happy about it. I’m hoping that the more I obsessively listen to them, that some of that happiness would rub off on me.
I find myself humming their songs when walking to my classes. So I suppose its working. They have a fun sound and I love listening to them at an earsplitting volume while running up steps of the Transit stations two and three at a time.

Lightning Dust - Infinite Light

This band are on my list of do not ever, EVER listen in public. And if I do, it can only be in small increments. I find that they’re songs usually leave me feeling a surge of sadness I didn’t even know I had in me. They sing of loss love and this in itself as a theme is heartbreaking. I think they make sweet and flowing melodies that remind of last autumn. Envision leaves of bold reds, brown and gold falling to the ground. It’s a scene of perfect harmony.
I feel old, I just tried to describe leaves falling and how extraordinary it was to me. I’m old.

Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time
I don’t know anything about this band, other than that they look like hippies who remind me of Woodstock… I obviously was not around that time but I would think everyone to look like Band Of Horses. Their guitars focused on toe-tapping melodies always surprised me. I love their build up in each song. These guys have a huge sound and they make me want to become a groupie and follow them around.
Like the film Almost Famous with Kate Hudson. I want to be her.

Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
Her breathy vocals and eerie sounding synths created a unique sound that I quickly recognized as great. Daniel was a song I had learned my heart. I didn’t even know who Daniel was, but I loved him. Not literally, the song made me want to know THAT Daniel. She really is unique and so different I loved this record.

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