Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hercules and Love Affair

Image via The Guardian

The Guardian is now streaming Hercules and Love Affair's new album Blue Songs.

A friend of mine sent me this link --- and the new record is blowing my mind.
So Good

Have a listen to 'Blue Songs' and host a 90's themed dance party. Brings lots of confetti and neon coloured clothing. Head bands and glowsticks are mandatory.

Friday, January 28, 2011

KEXP Radio, Anyone?

KEXP 90.3 Seattle is a non-profit, non-commercial, member supported station. I frequent this station from time to time, the same way I frequent the CBC Radio 3 stream.

I don't normally listen to radio, nor would I think it necessary to mention them here.
But KEXP, is an exception.
I usually avoid radio stations because they play music that I couldn't care much for...
This is not to say that I don't enjoy music.
I'm the girl who takes transit with her headphones on.
I like to put a soundtrack to my travels.
The change of scenery allows time for me to dream up and imagine a world where only the music flowing from my headphones can exist in.

The music I listen to is particular, I tend to attach myself to a few musical groups at a time.
I'm not a very good multitasker --- this can be seen in my music selection.

The reason I'm mentioning KEXP --- is because they feature studio sessions of artists I listen to, it's a pleasant surprise. It is so rare to hear these artists on Vancouver radio.
On repeat, I would play Fences, CocoRosie, The Xx, Sharon Van Ettens, and all of them are featured on KEXP, their sessions are brilliant. It's always exciting to see musicians play in a setting where there are no flashing neon lights, falling confetti and bobbing heads to block your view.
These studio sessions showcase the artists' music in its raw, stripped down form.
My favourite.

Fences - From Russia With Love (Live on KEXP)

Fences - Sadie (Live on Kexp)

(Chris Mansfield's songs from Fences are rapidly becoming one of my favourites, simple.)

Recorded 12/28/10 - Host: John Richards
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen, Shelly Corbett
Audio: Kevin Suggs - Edits: Justin Wilmore
Sharon Van Etten - Peace Signs (Live on Kexp)

Recorded 11/10/10 - Host: Cheryl Waters - Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Shelly Corbett, Justin Wilmore & Patrick Richardson Wright
Edits: Justin Wilmore
CocoRosie - Lemonade (Live on KEXP)

CocoRosie - Fairy Paradise (Live on KEXP)

(I've been waiting for this session to turn up -- always so great live)

Recorded 6/25/10 - Host: Cheryl Waters - Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Dan Torok, Justin Wilmore - Editing: Justin Wilmore

and many more sessions on their website -- Check It.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glow Sticks and Drum Kicks

To keep with the tradition I seem to have started in the last post. The allure of glow stick effects in music videos have seem to have caught my eye.

Patrick Wolf - Hard Times (Directed by Ace Norton)

Patrick Wolf has always been to me, an eccentric and underrated artist.
He's quirky and imaginative.
This video is simple yet the effects of colours, lights and dark tones make my eyes think I'm seeing double.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Light Asylum - Dark Allies

Dark Allies - Light Asylum from Grant Worth on Vimeo.

"Dark Allies" by Light Asylum - Video by Grant Worth

I'm pretty impressed by this video. The light show it delivers gives off an 80's rave scene feel. Brooklyn's Light Asylum's song 'Dark Allies' sounds like a revived throwback to the 80's. Shannon Funchess' vocals are powerful and soulful--- The glow sticks and warped dancing creates a fantastical dance party for two and maybe more.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

HOOD LUM (après noir)

If I could be anywhere in the world right now.
I would strongly consider being in Tokyo, Japan.

Bianca Casady's Art Exhibition Hood Lum (après noir) opens today, 01/09/11.

The following links direct you to information about the art show.
Too bad, most of it is in Japanese.



Are You A Believer?

The Believer Magazine.
You should perhaps consider reading the latest issue.
The articles are thoughtful.
The interviews are insightful.
The reviews are creative.
The artwork is brilliant.

I am obviously biased, because it's been a while since I've read an article that I want to read over, and over and over again.
This happens with The Believer, often.

You can check out their WEBSITE.

I was particularly excited to read the newest issue.
Not only is it the first issue of the new year.
But included in the issue --- is an interview with Bianca Casady of CocoRosie
If you knew anything about me, anything at all -- You would know that I think CocoRosie are Brilliant.

I've considered the idea of journalism being a satisfying career.
You pick at, question and inquire 'important' people and dig at interesting-controversial-relevant issues-- You inform people about world issues.
This is one of my favourite magazines - I think you'll like it too.