Monday, December 14, 2009

The BYOP Affair

Be Your Own Pet
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(also known as BYOP) - a four piece punk-rock group from Nashville, Tennessee. They take inspiration from Iggy Pop and the like.
With Jemina Pearl on vocals and 3 young guys on drums, guitars, and bass, the sound they produce is that reminiscent of the punk-rock sounds of the 90’s.
They sing about parties, teenage impulses and nonsensical things.
I love their music and the sounds they choose to produce.

Their record Get Awkward sounds under produced, but because of this sort of demo sound I found a liking to this band.I’ve been a casual listener for a few years, and thought that they deserved a mention.

Unfortunately they are no longer together but Jemina Pearl does have a side project.
Her solo project is similar to that of Be Your Own PET, featuring her signature raw vocal. I love this.

Be Your Own PET - The Kelly Affair

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