Sunday, December 13, 2009

Australian Accents

An Horse

They are cute and awkward.
Who doesn't like modesty?

Photo Credit to
Rob Campbell

From Brisbane Australia, the band consists of Kate Cooper (vocals and guitar) and Damon Cox (Drums and Melodica). Interestingly enough, both musicians worked at a record store together. In their spare time, amongst their dusty stacks of overplayed records, they made use of a spare backroom in their Skinneys' Record store. Turning it into a space where they could play music between and after their shifts. They created music that sounds repetitive, sincere and very Australian.

I've been a casual fan of them for about a year now. They've toured with Death Cab for Cutie, Silversun Pickups, Telekenisis, and Tegan and Sara.

The band name An Horse came from a grammar conversation Kate had with a friend... A An Horse sweater and a decided band name after. An horse was created.

Fun fact, Kate Cooper was a University law student. And now she's making pop-rock music for those in love and lust with themselves and a significant other.

Check out their site. Their blogs are quite articulate and funny. here

Kate and Damon seem so humble and on stage they do give off a very authentic energy.
I try constantly to put together words to describe my found interest in An Horse. And I seem to have trouble doing so. Maybe it's because they seem so friendly and I just want to stand unawkwardly close to them and talk about the weather and snow shoes.
Maybe it's because they seem so average that it makes me think I could have possibly run into them multiple times while running for the bus.
Maybe it's because they speak with an Australian accent and I can't quite differentiate between that and English.
Because, technically it is English... just with an accent.

My point I am trying to give is that An Horse is a band with two talented musicians. Their songs deal with rearranging beds, breathing with your lungs and sending postcards. ALL of these are metaphors for the search for love, surviving the marathon of relationships and reconciling with a significant other.


An Horse - Camp Out

This video was shot in Vancouver: Directed by Angela Kendall

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