Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 Update

Brief Update: Great shows this year.

Braids with Tasseomancy @ The Cobalt (October 2nd, 2015)

--> Tasseomancy were a great band - Ethereal sound.
--> I had been looking forward to this show for a long time. They were spectacular.
--> Endearing moment - in-ears tangle brought to life. 
--> 'Miniskirt' before encore, and then being called back onto the stage after we refused to leave. Adamant cheers and applause brought the band back. They were reluctant because they don't often play encores. Her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Mine too.
--> They played 'Getting Tired' to a room full of expectant and eager ears. I loved this show.
--> In line with my feminist values - this song is everything, and more. 

Met this photographer - Great photos: Braids

Peaches with US Girls @ Commodore Ballroom (October 6th, 2015)

--> Peaches and Cream
--> 'Pickles' - "At the dawn of a Summer, I give birth to a bad girl without a motherfuckin' epidural"
--> Yas Peaches - you do that.


Angel Olsen with Lionlimb @ The Biltmore Cabaret (October 8th, 2015)

Phenomenal - Commanding - Engaging
No 'Windows' though.

I remember learning about Angel Olsen through this: "Everything is tragic."

Nice Review
Shitty that heckling and attack on women's bodies knows no limits - even when women own the stage and command respect.
Hecklers go bother someone else