Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lykke Li + Grimes = Light Show + War Dance

Lykke Li
Guest: Grimes
The Vogue Theatre
May 27th, 2011
Grimes 9:30pm / Lykke Li 10:30pm

Where do I begin to try to describe the show I just witnessed?
It had been a few months since I'd seen a show at The Vogue and it was incredibly nostalgic walking in through the doors and into the heart of the venue. I arrived just past 9pm and walked into a packed theatre. There was an excitement in the air, it was almost palpable and electric. Concert-goers milled about with their drinks in hand waiting for the opener Grimes to begin her set.

At around 9:30 Grimes -- stage persona of Claire Boucher, a multi-instrumentalist who syncs and loops her bass, synth and electronic beats into her keys to which she sung to. Almost immediately I noticed her unique voice which carried itself distinctly through her experimental-pop/contemporary melodies. She blew me and I'm sure everyone away with her child-like voice and overall cosmic-ethereal weirdness. I found her to have adorable stage presence, I couldn't help but smile and dance throughout her set. She stood centre stage with two keyboards and sang her trip-hop/melodic word rhymes-- it really does take you someplace special.
She's a Montreal based, Vancouver artist and she has me hooked.
Her music is particular yet strangely beautiful, it is genre-bending and absolutely unique.
I regret not buying her album after the show -- it is now on my list of "must finds."

This song sounded so great live.
Grimes - Vanessa

Grimes - Vanessa from Arbutus Records on Vimeo.

(I think I love this song--- and it's only been a few hours since I first heard it)

After Grimes' set --
Lykke Li took to the stage at around 10:30. Might I add that Lykke Li strutted on stage in a black robe/cloak that revealed just enough to make you swoon. She looked like a ghostly dark phantom that emerged from the smoke and flashing lights to deafening applause and cheers. From what I remember she opened with Jerome ---- I think.
It really doesn't matter what songs she played, or in what order, all that really matters is that Lykke Li commanded the stage with her "war dance" amidst the seizure-inducing light show. It was an incredible visual, an experience that leaves you hollering with excitement, and wanting more.

Lykke Li was accompanied on stage by musicians clad in black. There were two percussionist and therefore drum-sets, a plethora of keyboards/synths, an accompanying singer and a bassist/guitarist who all encircled Lykke Li, who stood front and centre stage.
What sets this show apart form the many others I have seen is perhaps the brilliant stage design of long black drapes which tossed and danced in the "wind" around the musicians on stage. The music stands on its own, Lykke Li, a Swedish native absolutely embodies a distinctly powerful voice which carries itself across in anthemic songs like "I Follow Rivers" and yet can still deliver the sweet and delicate sentiments of "I Know Places." She played a cohesive mixture of songs from both her albums, Wounded Rhymes and Youth Novels. Bringing out audience favourites "Little Bit," "Dance Dance Dance" with a strong focus on her 2011 release.
She also played an unreleased track which she doesn't play often (?) ("Made Me Move/Made You Move?), she played this just after telling us that we were "the best audience so far" which is always a great thing. Brilliant

My favourite moment of the night:
Lykke Li's band left the stage and she proceeded to play "I Know Places" sans accompanying musicians. It was a beautiful moment, and the audience shushed up for those few moments..... until she launched into an upbeat song which prompt the audience to break the silence and cheer, dance and enjoy the music.

Lykke Li - I Know Places

(My favourite track off of Wounded Rhymes)

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