Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had been neglecting this blog.
Mostly because it’s been glitching and deleting my posts and pissing me off and not working. I might move to.... wordpress? tumblr?

I had been an avid admirer of Io Tillett Wright’s work for a while now. It actually stemmed from my love of CocoRosie. I found her website and photo catalogue after looking for the photographer of a particular CocoRosie photo. I can appreciate someone who knows how to capture great moments on film.
This was a few months ago.
Since then, I had been following her blog, DandyDarling
and found through the vast network of the interweb many of her aspiring projects. DarlingDays

One of which was MANIFEST EQUALITY
which spiraled into the now SELF EVIDENT TRUTHS PROJECT / SELF EVIDENT TRUTHS. I had “watched” --- well more say “followed” her efforts through her website and saw that it took on such great influence.

It is a beautiful project --- I just absolutely love the idea behind it.
Capture the humanity of everyday people through non-staged photographs. Truly Brilliant.

Self Evident Truths from Self Evident Truths on Vimeo.

There are a few photos of known musicians, artists, performers in this video, but that really doesn’t matter. It’s besides the point, the emphasis isn’t on celebrity and fame, it’s a focus on the humanity of people who fall anywhere along the LGBT(QIATS) spectrum. It’s about equal rights.

It’s great to see a project about equal rights attain such great attention and praise. People need to be focusing on these issues that directly affect all of us.

This video was just in time for the Legalization of Gay Marriage in New York.
I was ecstatic about the news, and genuinely surprised at how it actually made me feel. I was elated. I really was. Wanna Read Here?

I wanted to celebrate with the people in New York... times like these I think about packing up my whole life and moving to the big city of lights.

The internet really does create this artificial reality though.... and you don’t seem so alone. It’s a funny thing, because you really are alone anyways. I celebrated with the people blogging and tweeting and vlogging away.

Thank you New York for being the first state with a Republican-Controlled Senate to pass the Same-Sex Marriage Bill!

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