Saturday, September 25, 2010

Remember When We Were Teenagers?

Tegan and Sara
Malkin Bowl
September 24th, 2010
You Say Party, Christopher Smith

It's my 6th maybe 7th? time attending a Tegan and Sara show. I think having seen so many times... has kind of dulled out the actual live experience for me.

But nonetheless, they are what remind me of my high school memories, as cheesy as it sounds, after a conversation with a few friends who were also in attendance at the show we all concluded that they really had a part in our teen years. I feel old.
And after seeing them live so many times... its hard to be surprised by their songs. It's their banter that keeps us coming back.
I have blogged extensively about Tegan and Sara, be it about shows I've seen or how their records make me feel.... So I think this entry will be a little different, a little more indirect and obscure... expect tangents and going off topic.

I feel obligated to attend their show, in support of their music and also who they are. It's just what you do when you owe someone your teenage sanity, I suppose. I could potentially go into detail about their setlist and performance... but you can read a review from the Vancouver Sun HERE.

Walking into the venue we were just in time to catch You Say Party's set. I have been a fan of theirs for a while now and seeing them perform again (the last time was opening for Phoenix) was a pleasure. I loved their energy and stage presence, Becky was adorable and her vocals were brilliant. So Good. I recommend a listen. Go Here

When Tegan and Sara came onstage I got that feeling... the one you get when you know you know you're going to see something good... something you may want to remember. They started the set off with acoustic songs, Call it Off. Interesting. It gets better. I haven't been to a standing show of theirs for a long time and I forgot how enthusiastic the crowd is, not physically excited.... just vocally. In all of their acoustically driven songs, their vocals were almost indistinguishable from the sing along accompaniment of the audience around me. Mostly younger teens and first time fans. It was adorable.
I had a moment where I thought to myself.. was I ever that fan? Was I ever so excited that I sang so loud I couldn't even hear my own voice afterward? It made me smile and all the while this was happening inside my brain Tegan and Sara continued through their setlist. I felt as if I knew what to expect as each song was played I had somehow trained myself in the weeks, months, and years I had conditioned my ears to recognize and memorize song lyrics off of The Con and So Jealous and If It Was You and so on. I mouthed and bopped my head along to the songs almost as if I was expectantly waiting for the next verse, chorus, bridge...
In truth I hadn't listen to a Tegan and Sara song in a few months... but the lyrics all came back to me, as if I had never removed them from my iPod.

The things I will remember from tonight:
- The audience - Their uninhibited attitude made me enjoy the show more. Don't get so uptight.
- Banter: Ghost - Demi Moore Haircut - Justin Beiber Associations - Swinging a jacket open to acknowledge a breast to prove non Transman status - Teen Audiences - Eye Contact - That's What She Said - The South America Turtle being High Maintenance - Being Happily Single
- Encore of Divided - One of my first favourites.

I found this setlist of the show.

Call It Off
Dark Come Soon
I Know I Know I Know
The Ocean
Like O Like H
Feel It In My Bones
___ (Full Band from here on!)
Living Room
I Bet It Stung
The Con
Walking With Ghost
So Jealous
On Directing
Back in Your Head
Where Does the Good Go
Speak Slow
Sentimental Tune
Hop A Place
You Wouldn't Like Me
Encore: Divided

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