Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling Fooled.

I recently discovered WARPAINT and Bon Iver.
I feel like one of those really stubborn music listeners. I had put off on listening to these two artists, but a about a month ago I decided to give them a go. I was planning on courting them and taking them out. See if we share the same tastes, likes and dislikes.
We became best friends.

Firstly, let me admit the huge crush I have on every member of Warpaint. Just take a look at the photo below. They are all gorgeous, and great musicians.

I thought the bassist (Jenny Lee Lindberg) was Shannyn Sossamon--- who is beautiful. Only to find out that she is in fact her younger sister. Jealous.
I now feel the urge to go buy a bass and learn to play, because (fun fact) Jenny Lee picked up the bass at 18 years old and well about 10 years later she is writing bass lines that give me goosebumps, chills and the oh-so-happy feelings.
This band is hugely talented. I love that they rock the 90’s sounding jams that are so relevant today.
The first video I saw of them was for their song Undertow.

What Babes. (I feel like one of those obsessed teens who've just discovered something amazing)

They’ll be one of my favourites this year and maybe forever.
If I could, I would fly out to see them play. I want to so badly. What should I do?!
I get the same type of feeling from their music that CocoRosie gave me during their live show.
I’m so excited for the success of this band. (I want Jenny Lee to cut my hair --- is that weird?)
The oh-so-happy feelings are fresh, new and exciting.
Listening to them makes me want to dance at bus stops, skip steps and shout out loud.
Warpaint will be on rotation all summer.

So I had always put aside this band, never really had the time or patience to listen to his songs. I had heard so much and well I recently discovered the beauty of his voice. Chills.

I managed to get two tickets for a friend and I. The show scheduled for September at The Orpheum Theatre this fall sold out within minutes. I can’t wait to sit in a theatre of 1000’s and possibly choke up to ballads of heartbreak, love and well, love.

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  1. I can't wait either!!!!!!!! Thank goodness you are a speed demon!