Tuesday, January 1, 2013

St. Vincent & David Byrne @ The Centre

Who: St. Vincent & David Byrne
Where: The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts
When: October 20th, 2012

St. Vincent is a gloriously talented multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter. Now that's a mouthful to say. But how else would you describe St. Vincent? Alongside David Byrne (best known for being part of Talking Heads) they created eclectic and unique sounding music. A mix of genres ranging from jazz to rock to blues to soul.

They entered the stage at 7:30pm sharp and began an engaging show that would last close to 3 hours.
St. Vincent danced awkwardly whilst playing her electric guitar and David Byrne commanded the stage with his legendary presence.
They were accompanied by a horn section that added a soul and volume. The choreography that occurred on stage was entertaining and engaging.
The audience was a mix of old time listeners of Talking Heads and David Byrne and St. Vincent fans. This collaboration between the two distinctly unique artists created a blend of genres and sound.
It was electric.

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