Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Guests: Doldrums
September 12th, 2012

Austra had been a band that I had to slowly grow with. I remember listening to Katie Stelmanis and putting her music aside. I go back now and then and hear a developing artist. Austra's unique blend of electronic, synth, and opera are what drives and separates them from other bands.

Once Austra came on stage they were met with technical difficulties, but that aside they opened strongly with "The Choke." Katie's operatic inspired vocals blended and contrasted perfectly live. Their sound was large and memorable. With only one album out they played crowd favourites and unreleased gems.
"Lose It," "Spellwork" and "Beat and the Pulse" were met with the loudest cheers.

Their large sound mesmerized the audience and we swayed along. Sari and Romy who stood on either side of Katie stole my attention for most of the show. Their dancing was hypnotizing.

"Painful Like'

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