Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jessica 6 @ Fortune Sound

Jessica 6 + Holy Ghost
Fortune Sound
November 8, 2011

Nomi Ruiz is a powerhouse on vocals --- this is what drew me into her music.
I bought a tickets months before just to see Jessica 6 open for Holy Ghost.
Being a college student and having midterms the next day, I went just to see Nomi.
I arrived at 9:30pm to meet up with friends at Fortune Sound, located in the heart of Chinatown.
It was my first time at the club and I was impressed, the velvet red seats, dim and dancing lights and low stage was an ideal place.... (to dance!).
My friends and I stood up front eagerly awaiting Jessica 6 to take the stage.
Once they did, we didn't stop dancing
Nomi dressed in heels, tight skinnies and a cropped boudoir with a red leather jacket, she looked stunning and danced sultrily, exotically and sensually. --- (I was jealous and envious of her.)
It's strange to say and think that -- I had never been the type to envy other women. I suppose Nomi is an exception.
Backed by three talented male musicians she performed songs from her album White Horse while men (and women) lusted and reached their hands out to her.
Her set ended all too soon and I bought her album before leaving. I didn't stick around for Holy Ghost. After Jessica 6, I don't think many bands can match them, but... maybe that's just my opinion.

On the way home I replayed the concert in my mind, and with "White Horse" blasting from my speakers... I remember thinking to myself... "this song was absolutely amazing live."

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