Sunday, March 30, 2014

CocoRosie @ Venue

Venue - Vancouver
October 24th, 2013
Doors 8, Busdriver 9:30, CocoRosie 10:45

You grow into them. CocoRosie are an eclectic collection of performance art, poetry and music. Add in a complicated metaphorical storyline and you have the backdrop of an outstanding show.
The first time I saw them play at the Vogue Theatre in 2010. I didn't expect to be so moved to the point where it would change the course of my musical leanings. I was pleasantly surprised and forever grateful. Although that show will always be my favourite; their performance at Venue is a close second.
The venue didn't cater to their performance - a theatre setting would have suited them more.
I waited in line for an hour to snatch a spot at the front of the stage, and while I was waiting I realized that the last time I had stood in line for a show was in high school.

Inside the venue I chatted to fellow CocoRosie fans and it was refreshing being able to talk CocoRosie nonsense with others who knew what I was referring to. I planted my feet at the front of the stage and rebelled at the notion that people were so rudely pushing past to get to the front. Rowdy drunk concert goers aside, once Busdriver started his set everyone focused and listened in. His quick rap style and non-conventional sound expressed an intense need to be heard. He was energetic and forthright and it prepped everyone for CocoRosie.

The stage was decorated with a clothesline lined with torn t-shirts and aprons. The vanity table that stood centre stage served as the focus of their narrative. Once CocoRosie took to the stage the performance ensued. My favourite part of the night began when they played songs from their 2010 release 'Grey Oceans'. Smokey Taboo, RIP Burn Face, Undertaker all took on an exploratory composition. I was ecstatic when they played 'K-hole' a sure crowd pleaser for the long-time CocoRosie listeners. With Sierra's harp intro I could feel my body vibrating, my hands shaking and my vocal cords exploding. It was exhilarating!

I have habitually imagined Bianca and Sierra as mystical ethereal beings who weren't quite human. It's not possible for two people to create perfect pieces of imperfect art. Seeing them there in person just feet from me snapped me back to reality and it was brilliant. 

They ended their set with 'Werewolf' and while I wished that the audience would have sang along it was the sure way to end a set - with the song that introduced me to their music and drew me in. Infinitely, it will always be the song that gripped my consciousness and helped cycle my obsessive obsession with their aesthetic and stories told through their art.

While they skipped a few songs on their setlist the show is a memorable one.

I love this review from their past show at Webster Hall


Child Bride
End of Time
Harmless Monster
Tears for Animals
Ana Lama
Tez Solo
Far Away
Grey Oceans
God Has a Voice
RIP Burn Face
Smokey Taboo
K Hole
We Are On Fire
Turn Me On (Skipped)

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