Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long Overdue

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Commodore Ballroom
August 9th, 2011

I remember listening to Beirut's 2007 release The Flying Club Cup and finally understanding that if I ever wanted a soundtrack to all types of uncanny emotions at once, this album will do.
My favourite track 'Nantes' was to me the introduction to brass instrumentation onto my iPod. It to me, encompassed what I though lavish European lifestyles would be. Only to be pleasantly surprised Beirut called Santa Fe, New Mexico home.

I missed the opening acts and arrived just in time to see their highly anticipated performance.
Beirut sold out their August 10 date at the Commodore and so when they announced another date on the 9th, I jumped at the opportunity. I had been waiting 4 years to hear them play and see them perform flawless renditions of crowd favourites.
Admittedly, I hadn't heard their newest 2011 release The Rip Tide, this however didn't stop me from feeling like I was witnessing an incredibly talented group of musicians do what they do best.
Three brass players accompanied Zach Francis Condon who on vocals and the occasional trumpet swooned the crowd with his unique tenor vibrato. Percussionists and other musicians took place on stage to fill out the enormous sounds of what make Beirut absolutely authentic.

--- I made a friend at the show, Mike humoured me with drunken anecdotes of encounters with musicians and the like. What a charmer. No, really.

Deciding to see the show just after my final classes was a nice way to remind me that, yes it is summer and I should consider to partake in activities outside of burying my nose into a textbook.

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