Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sounds of London

The XX:
Consisted of 4 friends from London England who enjoyed making music together. Since their quick rise of success, the pressures may have caught one of them. Baria the former guitarist and keyboard player recently left the band.

I happened onto their Myspace profile and immediately decided that their mellow sounds and harmonized vocals were different.
Different to me = worth a listen.

They're vocals are shared between Jaime, the guitarist with the hipster hair and Oliver the bassist, whose voice can be compared to that of Matt Berninger (The National). Deep and sex-driven. Perfect. Contrasting Jaime's breathy mutters in a sense, its the kind of voice you use to whisper in someones ear. Romantic isn't it?
I've been listening to their self-titled album for the past few months.
Favourites include:
Heart Skipped A Beat
Night Time

A friend informed me that they were playing an instore at Zulu Records at 5pm on Thursday November 26th. This i had to attend. They're in Vancouver supporting Holly Miranda and the Friendly Fires, playing at the Commodore at 8pm... If only I were 19.

By 3:45 I was at Zulu and sifting through records, I met another fan, Ed, a third year medical student at UBC. I was surprised, he didn't look like someone who would listen to two 20 year olds singing about their sexual desires. Music brings people together, doesn't it?
By 4:30 Zulu began filling up and we were standing arms length away from their microphones. I loved this already.
When The XX finally came out, cheers erupted, and then the music began.
The set was 35 minutes, spliced between each song a very British "thank you".
Songs played were:
Night Time

The sound was surprisingly clear and the songs sound great live.
I loved their set and the energy in the room. They said between the songs that they were nervous and this was the first time they've ever played in front of a lit audience.
I think they were a little scared that they could see our faces and our every move.
I'd be a little nervous.

I can't wait to see this band in a concert setting.

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  1. sooo... sexual desires..
    I wonder at this point in time, maybe I should listen to something about sexual desires.
    sexual desires... hmm. interesting.